Friday, November 21, 2008

Donnie being cute with Max during the concert.

During the show in Edmonton, Donnie sang to us and goofed around with us over and over again. Mostly I just watched the show, and I only took about 4 minutes of video total, so I didn't catch much of it with my camera.

At 30 seconds, you can see him looking just to my left. He's making that face at Max, and then he winks at him. He did that to him so many times during the show. Max loved every minute of it. Donnie made him feel very cool.

If you watch it on YouTube instead of my blog, you can click to watch it in high quality. That's my suggestion.


Bethany said...

That's awesome!

Krispy said...

The same thing happened with me and Justin when I saw NSYNC in concert. He couldn't stop looking at me. He must have really good sight, too because I was REALLY far away.