Thursday, November 13, 2008

Homeless Christmas

My kids are going to be with their dad on Christmas Day this year, so I was trying to think of something worthwhile to do while they're gone. I drive by the homeless shelter all the time, and I really like staring at the homeless people. (They have such bad posture!)

I told Corina I was thinking that on Christmas Day I would work at the shelter and help with the dinner and such. I don't know if they do that here, but they always do it on tv and I think it's part of my new religion.

Corina's response?

A scared whisper: "But...then you'd smell like garbage!"

She makes me proud every single day.


Shannon said...

That's hilarious! And incredibly insensitive. She's just like her mom! ;)

Bethany said...

Ha! Awesome. :)