Sunday, November 09, 2008

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Pizza Hut

Fuuuuuuuun day! We went to see Lethbridge Musical Theatre's weirdo version of Joseph. Our seats were great (4th row centre) and the show was...well...weird. It was good as well, but mostly just odd. Like - there was a country song. And there was a disco song and dance. Whaaa?? I guess they wanted to make it their own. And they did.

We also went for pizza, where Max took many pictures. Want to know why I don't smile in pictures very often?
Because I look like my face is melting when I smile. That's my real smile, and I think that's unfair.

I love this funny picture of my Corina though. She's hilarious.
Lately, Blogger keeps posting my pictures in the wrong order. This was supposed to be Corina first, me second. It brings out my RAGE.


Michelle said...

I hate my smile too :(
I remember taking a photo out of the family album when I was a teenager and ripping it up.

I've been looking all over for a hemp shower curtain! To no avail.
Poor me!

Sherpa said...

I love that pic of Corina.

Shauna said...

When I saw that picture of you, I thought you were getting sauced. You look totally drunk! I think that's awesome. I'd like more smiling pictures.

Sara said...

I do look drunk!

Bethany said...

Yeah, there should have been an Elvis in that show somewhere, too.

Smile! Your teeth are oh so pretty.

Sara said...

Potiphar was Elvis. That is a true story.