Sunday, November 02, 2008

These be my brothers

I have four brothers, but these two hide from me and I haven't seen them in years (!!).

That's Jake in the red shirt. He's the youngest of 8, and so will always be 5 years old in my mind.

The other one is Barry. He the 4th kid and I'm the 5th, so that means he used to tease me ALL THE TIME. (I teased the 6th kid, she teased the 7th...except she didn't. I think we all teased the 6th and she teased no one.) Anyway - Barry used to call me a Loodydoo, and I would cry and cry. Don't even get me started on the Loodydoo in the 'Fridgerator song. I still get upset.

I stole these pictures from Barry's girlfriend's Facebook. Look how funny my brothers are! I'm pretty sure they're playing Magic Cards, Scrabble, and Chess here. Kind of all at the same time.

Hard to believe we're all growups now.


Michelle said...

I think it is amazing how much ALIKE all of you look. I can see my husband in that last photo of Jake, and those eyes, you all have them!

Photos of Winter look just like YOU as a kid, and photos of Monet look just like Katie. Not to mention how much your own kids look exactly like you.

Its very cool to be one of you, even if it's only because I had Slade-babies. LOL

Sara said...

The boys especially all look alike. I didn't know Winter looks like me though. Awesome!

Lesley said...

HA! The chain of teasing in a family of many children!!! I know it well. They look like they're having fun. Except for the photo where Barry is giving the finger...