Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bet You Didn't Know It's Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow is Christmas at our house. Tonight we will all pretend we believe in Santa, and he'll come give us presents. That's how not believing in Santa works. It's a pretty sweet deal. Look forward to lots of pictures and videos of my kids in their jammies!

The kids were wrestling this afternoon. Corina usually ends up getting hurt, but she still likes to do it. This time was no different. She got hurt, but I liked it. That's because she yelled out, "OWWWW! My booty bone!"


Laurie said...

Merry Christmas, Sara, Max, and Corina! (Hugs, hugs, hugs!)

bequi said...

Merry Christmas! We decided we're not telling our kids Santa is real, too. But I still think the pretending would be cool, because that's what we did when my family was growing up. I'm trying to talk Anthony into it.