Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cover Girl in Mexico with Donnie and Joe

In the olden days, Donnie used to bring a little girl up on stage and sing to her for Cover Girl. This time around he has sexy grown up ladies on stage with him. I don't prefer it, but whatever.

This is from one of the shows in Mexico they just did. At this part, each of the girls comes up and dances for Donnie, trying to impress him. It's pretty cute. They changed it up a bit for this show, though.

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, start watching at 1:00

Yes, that was Joe. I love it.


Brien said...

It's a good thing he looks good, because his singing

Shauna said...

That was very funny.

You know... I don't know that I've ever mentioned this, but I had a poster of Joe on my wall when I was young. I went to a concert back in about 1990 or 1991. We made a sign, my friend and I. It said something deep and meaningful, like "We love you!"

The people in back of us complained when we put it up though. They couldn't see, or some crap like that.

Bethany said...

Ha! Funny.

I think it would have been awesome if he flew you guys down there so he could sing it to Corina. Or you, of course.