Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It Ain't Christmas Without a Paper Hat

We always had crackers with paper hats in them when I was a kid, and that's one of the traditions I've carried over with my kids. I kept my hat on for many hours. When the kids started making fun of me for it, I told them there had been a competition for who could keep their hat on all night, and the prize was $50. The person who kept theirs on for the shortest length of time had to pay the winner. Part of the fun was not telling them about the competition ahead of time. Sucks to be you, Corina!
I let the kids decide on every item on our menu for Christmas dinner. They did a good job and picked very appropriate Christmas foods, right down to the Mountain Dew in wine glasses.
This is what happens to people after they eat a turkey. Jus' makes 'em tar'd. It's the turkey's final revenge. Totally fair.
The kids left this afternoon to have Christmas with their dad, so I am now on Alone Time. So far so good.
When I'm home alone, there's no one to talk to in my Grapes of Wrath accent. But it's awright. S'pose I wore my brains out. I think the next book I read needs to have proper grammar.


Bethany said...

You can totally call me and talk in your Grapes of Wrath accent anytime you like, dearie.

Glad you were able to squeeze in so much fun before they left!

Lesley said...

Hee! I totally read my books in the accents that the book is in...for instance, books about the British country side...etc. Or maybe that's weird...

Have a nice quiet time without the kids. I'm sure they miss being with you as much as you do them but you'll have a great time with them when they come home! Just don't shave your head or anything!

Steve said...

Dude, I am totally adding Mt Dew in wine glasses to my Christmas dinner!

Sara said...

I won't be shaving my head. I'm now growing my hair long again, not that you can actually tell yet.