Monday, December 15, 2008

Lady Gaga Performance

Lady Gaga opened for New Kids at the shows we went to, and Max and Corina totally loved her. We even got to watch her do soundcheck in Calgary. (Thanks, boyfriend!) I bought her cd The Fame for the kids for Christmas, but we/I couldn't wait that long and we've already opened it.

Corina prepared a performance for me. Can you tell which ones are the real Lady Gaga?


Crystalbell said...

Sasasasorry! I love that! Corina is awesome!

Shannon said...


Kim said...

I'm digging her too. We saw her at a few of the shows that we went to. She played a radio Xmas show here last night... here's what the two local newspapers had to say about her:

From the Star Tribune:

Lady Gaga: Really?! The faux New York club princess came across like a bad skit from "Saturday Night Live" of a futuristic pop star, with zero talent, mannequin looks, loads of gimmicky stage poses and incredibly obnoxious get-the-party-started songs. At least "SNL" producers would have the smarts to make her lip-sync, though. Grade: F.

From the Pioneer Press:

Lady GaGa:
Flashed lots of bare thigh
Sang no memorable tunes
Plus, really dumb name

Oh well. It takes all types...

Sara said...

I want to have fun at a concert. I want to laugh and dance and sing, because that's what music is for. Lady Gaga makes me laugh and dance and sing. She's super.

Daisy Paige said...

Love it!

Gray was completely enthralled with that video. I think he has a crush on Corina now.