Saturday, December 13, 2008

Northside Children's Choir

Corina is in a children's choir, and they sang Christmas songs yesterday at City Hall. These two songs were my favourites. It's very impressive when such young kids can sing in parts. They did a great job!


Bethany said...

That was awesome! I wish there was something like that here for Hailey. That didn't cost $200/month.

p.s. When you started panning to the right on that first video? If I didn't know you, and were to try to pick your daughter out of the crowd, I would have picked the girl in the middle row, red shirt. Seriously.

Sara said...

Sometimes I pretend I've time-traveled here from my childhood, and I know my daughter is in the crowd and I have to guess which one is her. I would always pick a girl like the one you did. I sure never guessed I'd have a daughter who looks like Corina.

I think most people pretend to time travel, don't they?

Bethany said...

Oh, absolutely.