Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grey Cup in Calgary, death, destruction.

We just got back from the Grey Cup festivities in Calgary, where we saw my sister Dana and also almost died in a car accident 2874 different times. If you know me you already know the story, and if you don't already know, that was basically it anyway. The roads suddenly turned into ice when we tried to drive home, and everyone was smashing into each other. It was c-c-c-crazy and absolutely terrifying. We survived though. Woo!

I was smart enough to charge my camera battery before leaving so we could get lots of pictures, but stupid enough to leave my battery in the charger, bringing an empty camera. I have no pictures of my sister or her kids, who I hadn't seen in two years. Yep.

At the Grey Cup festivities, there were insane amounts of free stuff handed out. My favourite was the bacon though. A huge tub of bacon. The lady handed me a can of Pepsi Max and said, "No calories, so it's okay to have bacon!"

I was confused, but went to the bacon lady and took some. I asked her what the bacon was for. She said it's Pepsi Max's slogan. You can eat bacon because the Pepsi has no calories.


Me: "Clearly Pepsi isn't marketing this product to the Jews."

Lady: .....

Awkward silence. Sara eats bacon. Aaaaaaaaaaaand scene.
(Not end scene.)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Guess who loves me!

"Her, her mom and her brother are the sweetest family! She is a little angel!"

- Donnie Wahlberg on Twitter, about MY family, with this picture included.

Oh my, I love him still. My life is super duper fun.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Conversations with my kids are the best.

Oops...I forgot I had a blog.

At dinner tonight I was telling the kids about a guy I know named Lochlan.

Max: Do they call him Locke?
Me: No, but I should tell him we have a guinea pig named Locke.
Corina: Lochlan sounds like Walkman.
Max: You should tell him you have a Walkman.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My kids grew up once we hit the splashpark.

Today Corina was in a bathing suit and I was a bit of a distance away from her. Those two things have not happened simultaneously in quite a while, and I guess I saw her objectively for a few seconds. I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, to see how long and skinny and toothpicky she is. It looks like it would hurt to hug her.

And this...this...when the hell did this happen?
Max now sits in a chair at the splashpark and watches little kids play?
MAX!!! What is happening to you?? TURN INTO MY BABY RIGHT NOW!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

See you in another life, brutha.

That's what Desmond said to his cagemate as we took him away. It was all very sad.

But today they were reunited. Say hi to Charlie! Desmond's on the left with the mohawk and Charlie is on the right with all the chub.

They get along so well. Charlie sings to Desmond (super loud purring) and Desmond is constantly saving Charlie's life. I don't know how many times today he has said, "You're gonna DIIIIIIEEEE Chahlieeeee!"
Charlie's kind of a spaz and he bit my thumb, but we still like him.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I have a creature in my house.

I'm really not a pet person. Most people who know me are aware of that. I often wonder if I'm a horrible mom because all my kids really want in the world is a dog and a baby, and I won't give them either one. They ache for something little to love and cuddle and take care of, so today I gave in.


Desmond! (Yes, Hume. I got to name him.)

He is a 10 week old guinea pig and he has a natural mohawk which makes him likable already. So far he's very scared and doesn't want to come out of his tunnel, but I'm sure we'll have more fun with him once he's comfortable. We even got him a leash so we could play in the backyard with him. Now that sounds like a party.

This is the new favourite activity in our house:
Staring. Fun!!! I hope it's everything they ever dreamed of.

Desmond better like New Kids on the Block, because tonight he'll be watching the live stream of their Full Service Tour with us. Woot! You can do it too. Just click here.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Full Service Tour In Your House!

In da house?

New Kids on the Block's Full Service Tour didn't come anywhere near me this summer, which I am okay with. Really. I am. I never once cried about it. To make up for leaving Western Canada completely out of the tour, they are going to stream their Dallas show live online on July 17! Woot!

The show will be on, and you can order the show starting Monday, July 13. I know all my friends will want to watch it. You'll get to see my boyfriend!

This is bringing back all the memories of their Pay Per View when I was a teenager. Maybe Donnie will ride in on a motorcycle, Danny will say "Live...via satellite!", and they'll all take off their shirts - just to continue bringing back the memories.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Joe and his son Griffin

Joe has a book drive he does at each show, which is what he would like to tell you about here. Get ready for the most adorable thing ever.

The Griffster says "Sure" we can get to 25,000 books! from LET'S GET THIS FOUNDATION on Vimeo.

My ovaries just exploded. That was so sweet, and I love watching Joe as a dad.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

School, singing, teeth, tattoos.

It's summer! YAY! Now the kids and I get to stare at each other for two months straight, and we couldn't be happier about it.

Both the kids did really well this year in school again. Corina and a buddy had enrichment together so their giant brains wouldn't stagnate in their grade two class. I'm so glad she had a good teacher who was willing to do extra work for her.

Max had the big transition to middle school and it couldn't have gone better. He became a superstar on the trumpet in stage band, and continued with his scary big-brained ways. He got perfect on his science Provincial Achievement Test (that's possible?), and he joined the math club and entered the Pythagoras Mathematics Contest. In an assembly he was presented with this certificate of distinction for that test, which was apparently super hard and I'm sure I would fail.
He didn't even care. He was all, "Do I have to keep this award?"

And I was all, "YES! IT PROVES I'M A GOOD MOMMY! I mean...keep it if you want, buddy. I don't know..."

This is my pretty-haired Corina heading off for her last recital of the season. She sang Ferryman. I just love her hair all curled like that. She was too busy watching tv to even look at the camera.

Max finally lost his last two baby teeth, one right after the other. He decided he was done with them and yoinked them both out.

Today we went to the Tattoo Show at the Exhibition Grounds. I was very tempted to get a whole bunch of tattoos, like maybe a single tear on my cheek and a huge flower on my thigh, but I resisted. The kids aren't as strong though.
Donnie will be proud to see what Max got:

A seahorse will be proud to see what Corina got:

Here's the video of Corina's recital. I love her sweet voice.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Ummm....yes please!!!

Thank you, Tim Burton.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Built a Lamp!


Am I proud of myself? Oh yeah.
Do I appear insane while I build lamps? Another yeah.

I don't really love that kind of job, and I'm not super confident with such things. I'm very against negative self-talk though. When things aren't going well, I am careful not to say things like, "I can't do it! It's too hard! I suck at this!"
Instead, if you were watching me, you'd hear things like this over and over:

"You're doing a great job! That's can just do that part again and it will be fine. Good girl! Aaaaaaannnnd....GOOD! That's SO GOOD!!!" Nice things to say, but perhaps a little creepy when I'm home alone.

I love my lamp.

Friday, June 05, 2009


New Kids started their Full Service Tour last night. They aren't coming anywhere near me at all, and in a show of great restraint and mental health I didn't buy any tickets for far away shows. Yay me! Instead I'll be living on Youtube for the weekend watching every clip I can find. That's still healthy. Shut up.

I just watched this clip, and I LOVE it! It is absolutely brilliant. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I bounced up and down while clapping my hands spastically...

So gangsta!!

I love it. Good job, Joe. I need to find another clip that shows more.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Women's Show and Chantal Kreviazuk

Corina and I had a special girl's day yesterday. We sent Max off to have a boy's day with his best friend, and we went to the Women's Show. They had all kinds of girly displays there, like makeup, hair things, purses, bras, and vaginas. It was great fun.

At one of the hair places, the girl did Corina's hair all fancy for her. See?

At least once every 2 minutes from then on, someone stopped her to tell her how pretty she was. After about an hour of that, she told me it's really annoying being beautiful because no one will leave her alone. I know, Corina. I KNOW.

That food she's eating is from a cooking show they had there. I wish we had been there longer, because every time the guy cooked something he gave it out to the crowd. I love free food best of all!

When the Women's Show was over for the day, they had a Chantal Kreviazuk concert. We had 4th row tickets.
Hi Chantal. You look like me.

This is one of Corina's favourite songs. She did this one while we were still in our 4th row seats. We ended up in front row almost in the centre because there were a couple of empty seats. I gave those people some time to show up, but they didn't. It's a shame to leave front row seats empty. A damn shame.

At the end of the show, Corina skipped up to Chantal with a big smile on her face, waving. Chantal crouched down and said hi to her and called her Sweetie. Corina could not have been happier.
Today she wrote a fan letter to her. She wouldn't tell me what she was working on, other than to ask for my cd so she could spell "something". This is what the letter says.
To: Chantal Kreviazuk. You're pretty and I love your music, but my favourite song is I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane. It has a pretty sound. If you ever have a concert, buy front row seats and centre and get two for me and my mom and VIP passes, if it is far away give us something to get there with. You don't know where I live. I live at (.......). Send it to that address and please do it, and put my name on it so I get to open it. This is how you spell my name. C-O-R-I-N-A.
ps. I am the little girl that at the women's show I came and waved to you and you said "Bye Sweetie".
OMG. She was so proud to show me that letter when it was done. I had to try not to laugh. She's got a sense of entitlement, eh? I blame Donnie. She thinks every celebrity is like him now.

Trickster Week

Trickster is some weird organization that goes around to schools doing a week of drama with the kids. They were at Corina's school this week. Every class had a prop. Corina's class had bins. The kids were responsible for coming up with a skit using their props, and then on Friday night each class presented their skits for family and friends.

In one part of Corina's skit, she played the bottom of a fallen tree and got cut in half. She was so excited about this. She talked about it all week long.

She was a squirrel ranger or something like that. I really need to ask her about it. It was kind of confusing. Anyway, the main thing they were talking about was the environment.
I don't know what was happening here, but Corina looks happy about it.
This is the part of the skit where Corina is the bottom of the tree. She falls when she's trying to get up. Max and I are playing the part of the great audience members who laugh WAY too loud at Corina's part. We love her! Shut up.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet My New Phone

I'm a little excited about this...
It's a 1950s payphone, homeboy! I'm just waiting for it to be delivered. I will have the best phone ever!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a Limey!

I'm a little bit obsessed. It all started innocently enough with making my own soaps, so I could avoid nasty chemicals. I needed a yummy smelling essential oil, and the first one I picked was lime. I made some shower soap with it. I pretty much fell in love.

Then last summer when I was at the farmer's market in Salt Lake City, I found Bubble and Bee. They make great, chemical-free products. My favourite by far is the lotion stick. It is lime and coconut, but basically just smells like limes. I bought a bunch of them so they could last until my next visit, but I use them all day long until I smell green. I'm almost out. What will I do??
So often I have wanted to take a bite of my lotion stick, so I thought maybe instead I should find something more appropriate to put in my mouth that would taste like limes. Yay Crystal Light!

I discovered this recently. As if it's not limey enough, I also stick a lime wedge into the neck.

Shoving lime wedges into bottle necks helped me realize what it is I truly want to do, and it is this:
I now suck limes. Like - all the time. I crave them like they're my crack. I crave them in a way that simply can't be normal. And then it makes me giggle because my family is from England and I get to live a racial slur against myself.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ack Attack. I laughed until I cried.

You can read it all here:

Ben: This is impressive, John. How did you know hhhhwhen to be here?
Locke: Why did you say it like that?
Ben: hhhhhWhat ever do you mean?
Locke: You mean WHAT ever do you mean?
Ben: Right, hhhhwhat ever do you mean?

Locke: You’re saying it weird, you’re putting too much emphasis on the h.
Ben: hhhhWhatever, man.
Locke: Say “what.”
Ben: What.
Locke: Now say “What ever do you mean.”
Ben: hhhhhhWhat ever do you mean?
Locke: …

Locke: You know, me and The Island are like total BFFs now.
Ben: No way!
Locke: Way! Right before you murdered me I bought us some of those Best Friends Forever necklaces. I wear “Best” and The Island wears “Friends.” Jealous?

Kiwanis Festival Provincials

Last night we got back from Edmonton, where Corina's choir was competing in the provincials. It was a super busy, slightly crazy weekend. The kids nearly overflowed the toilet tank on the bus, we went to a science centre, Chuck E Cheese, Swiss Chalet, a picnic, swimming (but not my group because I'm mean), probably other stuff that I forget, and we also were on the road for about 15 hours.

We had about 7 hours of this on Friday to get to Edmonton:
We spent a few hours at the Science Centre in Edmonton, where we learned about boogers, poop, pee, farts, and other very scientific things.
Corina actually rode this.

Want proof? Here's proof:

These are the girls I had in my room. One of them vomited the whole way up on the bus, and then stayed awake coughing until 4:00 am. I still like her though. Here we are after 2 whole hours of sleep on Saturday night.
Our choir. I like to describe them as scrappy.
Here are their two performances.

One more performance and then we're done for the year, thank God.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Five Brothers and a Million Sisters

Joe wrote a song for me!

Or - Joe McIntyre from New Kids on the Block wrote a song for all New Kids' fans. I think it's really cute and sweet.

Friday afternoon in Bostontown-
still know my way around.
Tryin' 'a find the rehearsal spot for
the reunion of the 'kids on the block.

Gonna rip it like we used to do.
Good to be back chillin' with the crew.
Don't know how its gonna be, but
last time we made history.

So tell ya mother and ya sistah too,
the New Kids are coming back for you.
And in my heart I knew you'd never forget,
but to see you again like this
makes me feel like I'll never be alone.

Wherever it is I'm goin' to, whatever I am
is because of you and I thank you. And I thank you.
didn't know how much I missed you.
Thank you. And I thank you.

All the way back and all the way up tonight.
Call it what you want, but I'll call it love tonight.
Some people said we couldn't do it again,
but the New Kids had the last word in the end.

See what happens when you follow your dreams?
See what happens when you just believe?
The whole world opens up her arms.
Everything is easy that used to be hard.

So tell ya mother that I lover her too
and don't you know we did it all for you, cuz
in my heart I knew you'd never forget,
but to see you again like this
makes me feel like I'll never be alone.

Wherever it is I'm goin' to, whatever I am
is because of you and I thank you. And I thank you.
didn't know how much I missed you.
Thank you. And I thank you.

Cuz you build me up. You make me high.
When I feel your love, I wanna fly.
No matter what we're goin' through
there ain't nothin' we can't do.

And I thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Conversation in my house tonight

Max: Mommy, do you have to buy electricity?

Me: Yes, buddy.

A minute later....

Max: Thank you for buying electricity. I like it.

Corina: Yeah, I like it. Thank you.
Now I ask you, blog readers - have you ever heard of children so thoughtful and sweet that they thank their mother for electricity? I could cry. I love my kids .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Corina's Quiz

Questions and answers by Corina.

1. What is your favourite colour?
Pink, because it’s a nice, light, bubbly colour, and because I like bubble gum.

2. What do you dream about?
When I’m daydreaming, I dream about if I could be Donnie’s daughter. He gives me presents and we watch movies together, and we have a whole bunch of fun.

3. Describe the coolest outfit.
A green dress with waves at the bottom, but they’re still green. There are lines on it that are light bubblegum pink, and then it has a whole bunch of strawberries and raspberries on it. For the shoes, green shoes with raspberries and strawberries on them.

4. Who was the first man to land a spaceship?
Bob Snider.

5. Who do you love the most in the world?
My mommy, because she always cuddles with me and she makes fun stuff with me.

6. Who do you love the most in the world not counting family?
Donnie and Joe, because they’re New Kids on the Block, and they’re cute, and they’re good at singing and dancing.

7. What is the best smell?
Freshly baked cookies and brownies.

8. What is the worst smell?

9. If you could only eat one food, what would you choose?
And I would never die? Pickles!

10. Pick four words to describe your mom.
Funny, nice-smelling, pretty, best.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saskatoon New Kids on the Block Concert

Saturday was the NKOTB concert in Saskatoon, which is probably our last concert. They aren't coming anywhere near us for the summer tour, and I'm not about to drive 12 hours for a show. I know - I'm a bad fan.

Here we are just before the show started. We had great seats again. Yay! Corina looks incredibly sad, but I promise she was glad to be there.
The very scary Jabbawockeez opened the show. They are what nightmares are made of.
We were right up front for the B Stage for the first time. Security wasn't stopping people from running over there, so we did it. It was incredibly difficult because I had to hold Corina in my arms so she wouldn't get squished by the mob. She may not be huge, but she is 8 years old and heavy for a weakling like me. I had her on my hip, she wrapped her legs around me, and I tried to take a few pictures while getting pretty much molested by the crush of girls around us. Max says I squished him into someone else and it still hurts, but was worth it. It was so exciting! And look at this great picture of Donnie we got.
He was blowing kisses to Corina at the B Stage, so she says it was worth it too.
I love his smile in this one.
Max got a new Jabbawockeez shirt and Corina got a New Kids shirt. I got the track jacket, which I've been wanting forever but missed out on getting last time around.

As for that question some of you will be asking, the answer would be one of these, depending how you worded the question.
- Meh
- Not quite like November
- Not as much as expected
- I still love Donnie. I'm even wearing the shirt today.

Here is my video of the Click pose-off. They did it 3 times and it included fire. Also, Donnie speaks in a Canadian accent.

This is the very beginning of the show when they first come out and sing Call it What You Want, and the transition to MFG. It's kind of shaky. I was slightly excited.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birthday Present for Corina

Max and I bought Corina a High School Musical big girl bike last month and hid it in the basement. She knew her present was in the basement and she wasn't allowed down there, and we fed her lots of fake hints to throw her off. I "slipped" that she was going to love cuddling with it, for example. I'm so tricky.

The night before her birthday we brought her down to the basement and had her cover her ears and close her eyes while I brought out the cuddly present.

Yay! A bike! (Although I think I look a little more excited than she does. Or maybe I'm about to take a huge bite out of her.)
When I went upstairs to get the door, Corina pretended the bike was killing her and Max took pictures. They're quite a team.
This bike is way bigger than her old one, which was actually Max's old bike from when he turned 4. She did a great job riding it.
We had to give her the bike early because first thing in the morning on her birthday we left for the New Kids concert. I'll blog about that later. Or now. I haven't decided.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Collage of the Arts

Max's middle school put on a big play this week. They performed downtown at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Max isn't in drama, but his stage band opened for them each night.

He's in the back row beside the tall kid with the very white face. You can't really see him well, but he's there. His best friend Brenden is beside him, but he is completely behind the piano. Not the best set-up.

Most of those kids are in grade 8 and have been playing for a few years, but Max and Brenden are only in grade 6 and just started learning in September. We're very proud of them!

After the performance, we pretended Max was famous and we were insane fans. When he came out we chased him all over the place, taking his picture. That's because we're awesome.

We're his biggest fans!