Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kilmorey Lodge

This is a picture of us at Kilmorey Lodge in Waterton for Max's 10th birthday dinner. My dad was out here that week and we all went there together. We love that place!

Here is what it looked like this morning.

And this is what it looks like now.

Kilmorey Lodge, one of Waterton Lakes National Park’s most iconic landmarks, was destroyed in an early morning fire Tuesday.

Four guests were staying in the lodge when the blaze broke out shortly before 4 a.m., all of whom were safely evacuated.

However, the historic structure -- first built in 1926 and rebuilt after a 1933 blaze -- was completely engulfed by the time firefighters arrived on scene shortly after.

"When you have a building that old, once a fire digs in, it's so difficult. It was a complete loss," said Pincher Creek Fire Chief Tom Harnos.

It took firefighters little more than an hour and a half to bring the major flames under control.
All that remained from the destruction was a stone fireplace.

Locklynn Craig, the owner of the 23-room hotel, praised night security staff for noticing the flames and promptly alerting guests and fire personnel. Yet he added nothing can replace the loss of a landmark which has played host to countless celebrities and conferences.

"This is truly a loss for the village of Waterton and for all of us who care deeply about this historical building," he said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


Krispy said...

How many times have I warned you not to smoke in bed?

Sorry for your loss.:(

Sara said...

Why didn't they just build the whole place out of stone fireplace?

Laura said...

Bloogy hell! That was not what I was expecting. Yaaargh!

If they made it out of a stone fireplace would the fire have been bigger?

Sara said...

The fire may have been bigger, but instead of "All that remained from the destruction was a stone fireplace", they may have said, "All that remained from the destruction was the entire hotel, completely intact".

Laura said...

"All that remained from the destruction was the entire hotel, completely intact and lots of toasted marshmallows."

bequi said...

Are you trying to get something off your conscience?