Saturday, January 24, 2009

LOST - my love returns.

First of all, here's a super funny Lost video.

So, about the new episode, Richard does age then, right? He's just time traveling all over the place, which made it appear as though he doesn't age. I figure that when they met John on the island, Richard traveled back to John's childhood and did the Dalai Lama test, and so on. You think?

If you can't change the past because it didn't happen, but then Daniel *did* change the past by talking to Desmond and creating Desmond's new "memory", then what about when Locke got shot in the leg near the plane by Ethan when he was moving through time? Okay, remember back when he was at the plane with Boone and suddenly he couldn't walk? There you go! It's because he got shot by Ethan! NEAT!

Are we thinking the scary chalkboard/roasted chestnut lady is Daniel's mom? Did I mention she's scary? And that she scares me?

No matter how many people Ben kills, I still enjoy him. I loved his face when Hurley threw the Hot Pocket at him. He cracks me up. My friend Megan met him when she was in New York, and I feel kinda jealous.

Richard and Locke - Richard's all "I have to hurry! There's no time! LISTEN!"...but he still has time to be a smartass about the compass. "It...points north, John." Heht. I loved that.

Can't wait for next week!


bequi said...

Fun fact: Chestnut lady plays Data's mom on Star Trek.

Sara said...

Fun fact: I had a dog named Data, who was named after Data from Star Trek.

Me = nerd.

Crystalbell said...

Fun fact(s): I did this very thing, watched every episode of LOST in a month to two months time (I couldn't handle the peeing in a jar thing). And I loved being able to watch every episode back-to-back like that. It was amazing. But now I hate having to wait every week! It makes me crazy. Chloe is the one who got me to watch it, she's obsessed with this show. Also, she is in love with Sawyer. Weird fact: Sawyer looks very much like her father.

Anyway, I am now obsessed with this show too, thanks to my darling daughter.

Bethany said...

I don't get the Ethan shooting Locke caused him to not walk while he was with Boone.

Also, yes I'm fairly certain Daniel's mom is the chalkboard lady.

It cracks me up that of all the scary things in this show, SHE scares you.

Also, I am writing this a little bit late in the game because I just barely caught up with the first three episodes.

This is so good.

kate said...

Funny that you like Ben. He's always reminded me SO much of Phil. Yes, Phil Magee. It's all I see. Maybe you're too close to see it. Funny though. SO happy this show is back on. It's the only thing I watch with no distractions. I only want to watch it alone, even though Chuck watches it too. We do not watch this together, you need to see and hear everything. It's too important. :)

Sara said...

No, Phil is all we see too. Usually when he comes on screen we say, "Hi Daddy!" But he's what Phil would have been if he was...well...awesome.

I watch it alone first, I watch it with the kids the next day, and then I watch it again with Max the next week when it's the pop up video version. I watch it a lot.