Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Donnie in Manchester

Maybe one day you were sitting around thinking, "I wonder what Sara thinks is the most perfect face in the world..."

Well, wonder no more. Here it is.

C'mon now. You have to admit, he's awfully cute. I adore him.


Sherpa said...

Ok, that's pretty cute.

The Mostess said...

I blog stalk you--I found Sarah Nielsen, then Dainon, then you. No, I don't actually know any of you. Yes, I think he is the cutest. No, I can't go on the cruise either(BOO!!!) Yes, I will drive to LA to see them again. No, I didn't get to do the official "Meet n Greet' either. Yes, I love DW more than life. Yes, I almost cried in jealous fits of anger when I saw the pics of you together. I still do.

Sara said...

I just took a quick look at some of your New Kids posts. We would have been best friends when we were kids!

The Mostess said...

Unless we were fighting over Donnie, which is highly likely. I'm still pissed at my 12 year old boyfriend who made fun of Donnie.

And I kind of hate that you got to hang out with him, take photos with him, and now that he's single, God knows what else you got to do with him. Again, I want to cry jealous fits of anger. ;)

Sara said...

Yeah, I'd be pretty jealous of me too. ;)