Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The NKOTB Cruise Details...

...for the cruise I'm not buying tickets for when they go on sale tomorrow morning.


Private Event Pass which will include:
NKOTB Welcome Cocktail Party
NKOTB Experience with all band members
Full Concert by NKOTB
Photo Session with NKOTB in small groups
Question & Answer Session with NKOTB
Deck Party with NKOTB and DJ
2 Additional Deck Parties with DJ's
Gift Bag with cruise event souvenirs
Trivia Contest with special prizes
Chances to enter other onboard drawings for exclusive NKOTB Event Opportunities!
Full Access to all of Carnival's activities and facilities!
VIP Concierge at your service

Holy CRAP it's expensive! I think I'll take the owner's suite for $5000, please.

But if I did go, which I won't, I would win every special prize in the trivia contest. I memorized every New Kids fact possible when I was a kid, and none of them have left my brain. I can still rattle off the names of all the siblings with super fast speed. I know their shoe sizes, I know the lyrics to every song, I know their schools, their childhood friends and hangouts, the addresses of the homes they grew up in, where their parents met, their resting heart rates and blood pressure...

I'm not going on the cruise!


Laura said...

Can you imagine how much everyone would hate you because of your New Kid brain? Not to mention how you're practically Mrs. Donnie... I'm glad you're not going. It would be a giant risk.

Shauna said...

But... they have KARAOKE!!! :D

Kristi said...

That owners suite is bigger than my house! I hope you and Donnie enjoy it.

Jillian said...

Seriously, what does the 'Experience with all band members' mean? I think that sort of thing is illegal in the states. I wonder if the same rules apply in international waters.

Sara said...

It's vague enough to mean absolutely nothing...giving them the chance to hide in their rooms and never come out. That's still an experience.

Shannon said...

Umm... yeah... I'm back to thinking that you're sick again. But since you didn't buy the tickets I feel assured that you have a sliver of sanity left.

Sara said...

Hey, I can't help it that I have an incredible memory! That's all from when I was a sick teenager. I'm a much healthier adult.

Shannon said...

I don't believe you. And to think that you are molding other peoples' children on a daily basis. There's going to be a whole generation of yous or at least a whole classroom. Scary.

bequi said...

I was going to say how surprised I am that it's already sold out, but then I realized I'm really not surprised.
There's one ticket left! Can't you scrounge up $1449?!?!

Sara said...

Shannon, I will fight you.

And Bequi, I'm not going to buy a ticket! I'm just not. Maybe you could buy it and let me know how the cruise goes!

Lesley said...

It's a Carnival Cruise? Yikes, I'm glad I didn't get tickets!

Sara said...

Why? Are they bad cruises?