Saturday, January 24, 2009

NKOTB in Glasgow, being awesome.

My boyfriend Donnie is still on his world tour. Here he is performing Summertime in Glasgow. I love when they get silly like this. It just makes me giggle and giggle. This is one of my favourite videos of them.

It starts off with Joe dancing with a bra. Classic.
Right off, Jordan and Donnie are goofing around, which I LOVE.
0:24 - Jordan's beautiful pose. So cute.
0:30 - Joe tries to get them to behave. "Hey, I'm singing, bastards!"
1:20 - Jordan's Beyonce dance. Silly Jordan is my favourite Jordan.
1:30 - my very favourite part - my boyfriend is so tilty! I gasped.
2:15 - Joe attack!

I have a perma-grin on my face every time I watch this. I love it. I think what I really want is to *be* a New Kid. Next time Jon is ready to quit, I'll take his place.

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