Friday, January 16, 2009

NKOTB in London, Ontario

Dear Donnie,
My name is Sara and I'm your biggest fan! I live in London, Ontario. I am 13 years old. I hope you will come here for a concert. You could play at London Gardens, and then you could stay at my house after the concert if you didn't want to stay at a hotel. I know my mom would say it's okay. London is a really nice city and you would love it. I hope you come here. I love you. I know I've already mailed you this exact letter about 75 times, but I wasn't sure if you got those ones.
Love Sara.

Dear Sara,
I'm sorry it took me over 20 years to get back to you. We had a lot of fan mail to answer. We would love to play in London! It appears as though London Gardens doesn't exist anymore, so how about we'll play at the JLC? We've just announced a bunch of shows out east because that's where you live, according to your hundreds of fan letters from the 1980's. We didn't plan anything out west, but that doesn't affect you, right? We'll be in London on March 29. Can we still stay at your house?
Love Donnie.

Dear Donnie,



Laura said...

I'm honestly questioning your commitment right now. Or are you packing up your house and children to move back to London for March 29th? I certainly hope so.

Sara said...

No, I'm not. I know of some other dates that haven't been announced yet. ;)

Lesley said...

Ha! You know what's funny, I totally wrote to Maurice Starr way back when to try and get them to come to London and it finally happened. See, all I had to do was stop looking for them and they finally came to find me!!!! SQUEEEEEE!

Wow, it only took them 20 years but they're finally coming! Wait a second...I moved away there you go, all it took was us BOTH moving away!

Sara said...

I take it you're still going to the show though, right? You didn't move *that* far away.

nkotb said...

Umm...that is AWESOME :)