Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tetley Tea Director of Marketing

A response!

Dear Ms Magee,
We are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy our Tetley Red Tea advertisement. I am deeply sorry if we have offended you. I am a woman and I cannot say I ever saw anything of that sort when we created this ad. And if there was a chance that this could be perceived in such a way, rest assured, we would have thought twice. But simply because I don't see it from your eyes doesn't mean I don't appreciate your point of view. I have forwarded your thoughts to our creative agency for their review.
Thank you for your valued feedback and input.
Michelle Faris
Director Marketing

I love that the director of marketing has emailed me, letting me know her period doesn't look like elephants and birds. Have any of you had an executive email you about that?!


I still have a hard time believing that a woman could look at those images and not see menstrual blood. Perhaps some women with very light cycles wouldn't see it? Perhaps she's in denial? Perhaps some people don't look in toilets before flushing?

Ever read Letters From a Nut? I think I'm turning into that guy. And that's okay.


bequi said...

That is truly fantastic. Especially that she apologized for offending you with e tea commercial.

Sara said...

Yeah...I emailed her back to let her know I wasn't offended, and that I actually like the commercial because it makes me laugh. I wanted to say it makes me laugh until elephants come out of my vagina or something like that - but then I figured since she doesn't know me, she might just get scared.

Shannon said...

She never saw anything of the sort before. But now that you've brought it to her attention you can be darn sure that everytime she sees that commercial now, she sees menstrual blood. She probably just watched it 50 times over on her computer.

bequi said...

Also, another fun book is Letters to Ebay. You can see some excerpts on Amazon. I read the whole thing in Barnes and Noble, once.

Daisy Paige said...

I can honestly say I've never in my 31 years of life EVER known someone to have a received a letter from a Director of anything discussing menstrual blood.

You're my first for a whole lotta things!

Anonymous said...

You can also be darn sure that she's going to study her toilet bowl very carefully once a month from here on out. Oh the power.

Laura said...

I love you Ms Magee. I seriously and honestly do. I've been wanting to tell Stuart about this whole thing but I know he just won't get it. So I'm saving it up for a girls night I'm planning around this whole thing. I love you!

Shannon said...

Laura, are you going to also plan the girls night around your menstrual cycle?