Friday, January 09, 2009

Things we've been up to...

I had my birthday this week. It was my first birthday since I joined Facebook. Facebook birthdays can make a person feel pretty special. I got one million wall postings that day!

The kids and I went for Japanese food to celebrate that I survived another year. Here's the proof.

I suppose that only proves the kids went for Japanese food. I was there too though.
Now here are two pictures of my children looking handsome and beautiful. Max has always wanted glasses, so today I bought him some that don't require bad vision. Look how cool he is!
Corina has always wanted glasses too. Both of them are always borderline for needing them, so I bought her some fashion glasses today as well. They're both happy as could be.

Tonight Corina was reading to me, as usual, but it was the first time she read to me with the glasses on. She looks ADORABLE!


Rebecca said...

I so totally want to be your Facebook Friend, but you don't know me at all. But I've read your archives and think you're awesome! That is all.

Sara said...

Are you the person in Maryland? I'd like to know who you are!

Rebecca said...

That's me! (I'm in Columbia, MD, in between Washington and Baltimore; not sure why it says whatever else it usually says.) I found your blog via another that I read, and it was right after the election and your Prop 8 comments, with which I totally agree (yer position, not that hateful prop). Plus you just crack me up. So I went back to your archives are read through to get caught up.

Rebecca said...

Oh, and I am an admin of a Facebook nonprofit page and a Facebook Cause, both called Americans United for Separation of Church and State (where I work), so you can check those out to see a little more about me.

Sara said...

Deal! I will.

bequi said...

I love Dear Mr Henshaw!
De liver
De letter
De sooner
De Better
De later
De letter
De madder
I getter

Sara said...

Ha! Corina loved that part. She read it over and over.