Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rosario Dawson's Mom and Me = same person

I didn't know there were people who parent their children the way I do. Oh my...I laughed when I read this.

"My mom licked me - that was her punishment. If I was a little uppity or if I didn’t listen or if she wanted to get my attention, she’d lick the side of my face or under my armpit. My mom’s a six-foot-tall amazon and she’d say, ‘’You came out of my vagina and I own every part of you,’’ and she’d lick me like I was her wee pup and she was a lioness. It was humiliating and really intense. Very primal. It’s not spanking, but it definitely works."

- Rosario Dawson

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alice Cooper on LOST

Really, I can't be the only one who sees the resemblance, can I?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ack Attack (Lost)

New Ack Attack, everybody! Hurry to read it! Click this!

“Let me explain something. This is Saint Thomas. He didn’t buy the whole Resurrection thing. He didn’t become a true believer until he poked Jesus himself, and then he was ALL ABOUT the Resurrection…so in conclusion, go stick your finger in Locke.”
“If you want me to come with you, you will NEVER ASK ME ABOUT AARON EVEN THOUGH I’M HIS ~*MOM*~ AND YOU’RE HIS UNCLE.”
So they wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning and Jack’s like, “Good morning, lover. I made you some coffee and some Aaron juic…I mean…orange juice…how do you take it?”

UK Tour Video with 2 in the Morning

I could totally time travel with this montage!

0:31 - the fan crying while she's sitting beside Joe made me cry too. And Joe is so cute with her!
1:08 - I love watching from their point of view as they rise from under the stage.
1:23 - Donnie's cute walk across the front of the stage
1:53 - look at the smile on Jordan's face when he's going to hug that fan!

I'm really hoping they're making a tour dvd.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Purple Boots

On a completely different note, I got new purple boots! On my computer I can't really tell they're purple, but maybe you can.
I love them. And apparently I love my bum too, because I'm totally caressing it.

The New Kids Reunion

I made this post a little over a year ago. At the time, I was scared to even believe there would be a reunion. I didn't want to get my hopes up. I never get my hopes up. Ever. About anything.

People who know me really well understand (mostly) what the Donnie thing is about with me. It's too hard to explain, and so I'm just not going to.

The first time I heard the new song Close To You it was just the beginning lines. That's all they gave us, and it was when we were still trying to figure out if they were really getting back together. Hearing Donnie's voice and realizing they had recorded new material - well, I turned back into the mess of a 14/15/16 year old I used to be and I cried my eyes out. Then they announced a tour, and it was all pretty much overwhelming for me.

And now here we are, a year later.

I was just driving home from a great afternoon with a friend, and I was listening to Close To You. The whole song. I started thinking about that Me from a year ago, the Me who didn't know the rest of the song and had no idea what was in store for her.
My daydreams often involve time travel. (What...yours don't?) I imagined traveling back to last year and filling that Me in on everything that would happen.
I know I wouldn't have believed it. It's all really unbelievable.

I wish I could make a video, using that song and images of memories from all the wonderful things that have happened and then time travel back to show myself how much I had to look forward to.
Yes, I really daydream about time traveling with video montages.

Sometimes I get so happy that I need to share it with myself in other timelines.
Here's the song Close To You, with a perfect video.

I still can't watch videos like that without crying a little bit.
I don't believe in happy tears. I believe we cry in true sadness for all the times we've never been so happy. I can't appreciate my joy without having felt its opposite, and when my joy is so great, the sadness from other times feels that much darker. And so I cry. But I'm happy.
And that's what I've been thinking about today.

Photo Album Tag

Michelle tagged me, and I decided I'd only do it if my picture was cool too, because I'm a copycat. It is cool.

Rules - go to your 6th photo album, find the 6th photo and post it with a story.

One time I was sitting mostly naked at the edge of my bed, pouting because it's not fair that I'm so skinny but have such big boobs, but yet am also incredibly rich and famous even though I'm not exceptionally talented or anything, and then my super sexy husband took my picture.
The end.

I tag Shauna because I know she'll never do it and therefore I find it funny to tag her. I also tag Shannon, Bethany, Kristi, and Kristy, because they might.

Kittens! Inspired by kittens!!!

My brother Nick sent me this video. I've been watching it over and over this morning.

I'm her mom!
No...she's not!

I am weird.


That little girl is awesome.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Today Show Appearance

They sang too, but it's the fake laughing I loved the most.

Our Big Trip to Calgary

All three of us had the week off, so we really needed to do something super exciting. Nothing could be more exciting than a death drive to Calgary!

Really now. That's the best driving conditions Alberta can give us? The fog was like that for about 45 minutes. It was very scary.

We did manage to make it there alive, and spent about 14 hours at Chuck E Cheese. We love that place. LOVE.

This is the roller coaster simulator, because there's nothing better than not the real thing.
Max was totally excited to get his picture taken with Chuck. Chuck E. Chuck E Cheese? Is that is full name? I'm not sure how that works.
The part I liked the best was when the kids ran out of tokens. They knew I wasn't going to buy more, so instead of complaining, they turned into scavengers. They searched the place, looking for lost tokens and forgotten tickets. They were hilarious! They did that for at least 2 hours. They got over 70 tickets, and probably at least 10 to 15 tokens. I think they had more fun doing that than playing with the 124 tokens I bought for them.
This picture is important because my boots are really cute.
The kids chose Red Lobster for dinner, because we don't have one in Lethbridge. It's a special treat. I'm always so proud of my kids when they eat weird food. When I was their age I didn't even know what a nectarine was, and look at Corina eating a CRAB'S LEG!!! Who knew such a thing was possible?
We have so much fun together. We really do.

Palm Restaurant in New York

"The Palm, located at the famous address of 837 Second Avenue, New York, New York, is The Palm Restaurant's flagship location. Still in its original 1926 location, The Palm provides a dining experience you won't soon forget. The walls of The Palm are covered with such vivid, colorful history that you won't be able to take your eyes off the walls. Some loyal diners have been coming back to this Palm for over 70 years for the same great food and service."

And now, a vivid colourful history of New Kids on the Block!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank You Oats

My dad taught me this song when I was little, and I've never forgotten it. I did, though, forget to teach it to my kids until tonight. I sang it over and over, but they just couldn't get the words figured out. They were making me just about pee my pants though, so I had to tape them.

I didn't want to tell them, because the joy of not knowing could last forever! They begged and begged, and finally I said it clearly and now they know. The first thing Corina said after I told her about mares eating oats?

"I wish you never told me!"

Please ignore both my horrible singing and terrible laugh. They're not the point of the video, you know.

Oh, and I love how sweet Corina looks at the very beginning when I sing her name. Look at her! Don't you just love her?

New Kids on Regis and Kelly

I love Donnie with that longer hair sticking out the back of his hat. He's so cute.

Here is another cute singer doing the same song.

The interview on Regis and Kelly was pretty good, but short. Lol omg etc @ Jon the construction worker.

Lost Thoughts

That 3 year time gap between the Sawyer & Friends action and the Oceanic 6 action has been bothering me. They were showing us 3 years later with the O6, but right after the explosion with the Sawyer Gang. I wanted to know everything that has happened with the Sawyer Gang!

But I think now we know.

When Locke turned the wheel, the rapid time shifting stopped or slowed. They have spent the last 3 years as Dharma folks. We already knew Daniel had been Dharma, and now we see Jin as Dharma.

And Charlotte? Well, she knew how to speak Korean, but that was really a mystery. Why could she speak Korean?

I know! Because Jin, as Dharma in the 70s, is teaching young Charlotte so she can translate for him in the future! That would be cooooooooooool. I wonder if we'll get to see creepy old man Daniel warn Charlotte to leave and never return. Dun Dunn DUNNN!!!!!!!!

When I grow up, I'm going to manipulate time. I want my future to dictate your past.

Joaquin Phoenix

I think he's beautiful.

I still think he's beautiful.
But I'd like to know, sooner than later, if this is a prank for a documentary or not. The Letterman interview makes my heart hurt. So sue me for having compassion! He's either every bit the brilliant actor we've always known him to be, or he's having a nervous breakdown. No laughing allowed until we know which it is.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm a speed demon

I got a photo radar ticket in the mail today. It's my first speeding ticket in almost 6 years, so that's not so bad.

Last Tuesday Max had a Robotics competition out of town, and that meant he couldn't pick up Corina from the bus, which meant I had to race over to her school after work, then hurry home with her and get her a snack and such, and then quickly get her to choir, and then race from there to Cardston for Max's competition. So yes, I was in a race car and I was speeding. IN A SCHOOL ZONE!

Here's the photo radar picture. I like that they caught me at the exact moment I was running over that pedestrian.
I was doing 41 kms in a 30 km zone, which isn't really that bad - especially since I was in Max's school zone and his school had already been out for well over an hour. There were no kids around anywhere.

I don't mind paying the $80, because I know I really was speeding. The part that annoys me is that when I went to pay the fine online with my credit card, they wanted to charge me an extra $9 for the service. They're charging me extra to do all the work for them online?

Fine, idiots. I'll pay by credit card through the mail and keep my $9. I win! (I think?)

And no, I didn't really run over anyone. My picture is in the mail. I don't get to keep it.

Call the New Kids on the Block!

Call it! Joe answers. I swear.

CALL US! +1 (617) 830-1100 - LEAVE US A MESSAGE!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Even Gross

I got brave and made a spinach smoothie today. Krispy promised me it wouldn't make me vomit, and she was totally right.

First I filled my blender with fresh spinach and some orange juice and blended that. It looked so disgusting that I really couldn't believe it would turn out. I tasted it at that point, and I didn't die. I didn't want more, but I didn't die. I added frozen blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. It stopped looking like bile and turned into this vision:
So pretty!

And then I drank it. It was delicious! I want another one already. I'm going to be so healthy and strong.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pretty pretty hair.

When my hair gets a little longer - I'm thinking maybe two more months - I'm going to look exactly like this.
I can't wait!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Day for Corina!

Corina is the only kid in her class, and maybe even in her grade, who still has her baby teeth on top. Last year the dentist was starting to wonder if she even had adult teeth in there, so he did an x-ray to make sure. (Yeah, she does.)

Now look how weird her tooth was this morning!

Even though it looks ready to come out, it was still really attached on the one side and I couldn't get it. It still had too many connectors, as we say in our house.

I can't believe how much tooth there was inside her gums. There was at least as much inside the gums as there was outside. See that? DO YOU???
After wiggling it for a few hours, crying a little, and hiding in the basement, she finally let me pull it out.
SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once she gets those big ones in, she has to get braces to fix her jaw. She is very expensive to own. Good thing she's cute and sweet or I'd return her.

Robo Sumo Competition

Max is in Robotics again this year. He built a robot and then programmed it to Sumo wrestle. We went to a competition in Cardston last week and our three boys had a great time. They're such smarties.
After the competition, all the boys put their robots in the sumo ring together. This video makes me giggle. I love how excited they all sound!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Burger King Valentine's Dinner Waste

We wanted to go to The Keg, but without reservations on Valentine's Day we'd probably have to wait about 24 hours for a table. Instead, we went for steak at Burger King - Whoppers! Yum!

The guy put our food on the tray, but then he started putting Corina's kids meal in a bag, even though we were staying. I know they always do that, but suddenly I realized how dumb that is. Why does she need a bag for her cheeseburger? Why can't it just sit on the tray with our Whoppers?

As he was opening the bag, I told him we don't need it and that he can just put her meal on the tray. He looked really confused by that. I just repeated that he could put the food on the tray and the bag wasn't necessary. He said, "But...that's where we put the toy!" I told him it was okay to put the toy on the tray too. Clearly I blew his mind.
I realize it's just one bag, and that at our fast food dinner we still created a lot of waste, but still. Why the extra bag? It really makes no sense.

I heard that same guy saying to another customer, "Sorry, I had to put your meal in a bag because we're out of trays." All the trays were sitting in a big pile at the garbage, waiting to be washed. No one went to get them the whole time we were there. They just kept using bags for the people who were eating in.

We humans create a lot of garbage. Maybe we should do something about that.

After dinner we went to the movies to see Yes Man. I love Jim Carrey. Omg he makes me lol.

Be My Valentine Girl...

...and I'll give you my heart forever. (Ahhh, old-school New Kids. You're the bestest.)

I don't have the best track record for Valentine's Day. I got married on February 14th, twelve years ago. That sure turned out well. A few years ago on February 13th I broke up with my fiance. That didn't make for the best Valentine's Day either, even though it was definitely the right thing to do.

From now on, my only Valentines will be my kids and Donnie. We like it that way.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood

Having a mentally ill neighbor who is obsessed with me is not as fun as it sounds.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I still love my son, son.

Again, this little cutie:

We watch Friends together a few times a week. I love that he loves Friends. Now that we have cable for the first time in many, many years, we can watch reruns of it. I loved it the first time around, and now I can love it all over again with my Max!

Tonight he wanted a snack, but I said no because we had already eaten plenty of junk and I knew he wasn't truly hungry. But! Then he said, "I'm feeling peckish".

He's feeling peckish! How can I say no to him when he uses such a great word?? He's so funny and cute. I love him.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday, February 08, 2009

After the dentist...

Akjfdksljfkdsjfiwerjks!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life!

Thanks to my Granola love for the video.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Parent Teacher Interviews

This kid:
Best big brother ever.
Sweetest son ever.
Super handsome.
Perfect hair.
Always honest.
Amazing trumpet player.
Basketball superstar.
Loved by his teachers.
Chased by all the girls.
Well liked by his peers.

And his composite mark for his school testing? The big huge test all the kids took in November?

He's at a grade 12 level.

He is 11 years old.

It's impossible to *not* brag about him.

Leave Jon Alone!

I don't think outing people is a great thing. Leave Jon alone!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Little Cover Girl

I really really hope Donnie does the old school Cover Girl on the spring tour...and of course that he picks Corina. So adorable! I love how embarrassed/surprised she looks to hear her voice when she sings in Donnie's mic.

Christian Bale and Bill O'Reilly

Two men I really can't stand, making me laugh and laugh!

Warning - there may be a small swear in this video.

I don't think I want to watch any movie Christian Bale is in. Ever. He's everything I hate in a person.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cast Away Empathy

At home I watch LOST with my kids and then we discuss it all week long. At work I'm reading Robinson Crusoe with the kids, and then we talk about it all week long. In other words, being stranded on an island is huge on my mind lately, and so I've been thinking about the movie Cast Away. (Which I always thought was called Castaway, but I was always wrong.)

Last night I rented it to watch with Max and Corina. I saw it at the theatre when it came out, but not since. Did you remember that it's a really good movie? It is!

I remembered the volleyball friend named Wilson, but I had forgotten most of the details. I was cuddled up on the couch with Corina when it came to the part where Wilson gets lost at sea. My heart! That was so sad.

But mostly what I'll remember from watching the movie this time was Corina's reaction to Wilson floating away. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, "Mommy...that's sad!" And then she started sobbing. Maybe not quite as hard as Tom Hanks sobs at that point, but she came close. This little girl has more empathy than all the adults I know combined. Honestly...I could learn a lot from her.