Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Day for Corina!

Corina is the only kid in her class, and maybe even in her grade, who still has her baby teeth on top. Last year the dentist was starting to wonder if she even had adult teeth in there, so he did an x-ray to make sure. (Yeah, she does.)

Now look how weird her tooth was this morning!

Even though it looks ready to come out, it was still really attached on the one side and I couldn't get it. It still had too many connectors, as we say in our house.

I can't believe how much tooth there was inside her gums. There was at least as much inside the gums as there was outside. See that? DO YOU???
After wiggling it for a few hours, crying a little, and hiding in the basement, she finally let me pull it out.
SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once she gets those big ones in, she has to get braces to fix her jaw. She is very expensive to own. Good thing she's cute and sweet or I'd return her.

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