Saturday, February 14, 2009

Burger King Valentine's Dinner Waste

We wanted to go to The Keg, but without reservations on Valentine's Day we'd probably have to wait about 24 hours for a table. Instead, we went for steak at Burger King - Whoppers! Yum!

The guy put our food on the tray, but then he started putting Corina's kids meal in a bag, even though we were staying. I know they always do that, but suddenly I realized how dumb that is. Why does she need a bag for her cheeseburger? Why can't it just sit on the tray with our Whoppers?

As he was opening the bag, I told him we don't need it and that he can just put her meal on the tray. He looked really confused by that. I just repeated that he could put the food on the tray and the bag wasn't necessary. He said, "But...that's where we put the toy!" I told him it was okay to put the toy on the tray too. Clearly I blew his mind.
I realize it's just one bag, and that at our fast food dinner we still created a lot of waste, but still. Why the extra bag? It really makes no sense.

I heard that same guy saying to another customer, "Sorry, I had to put your meal in a bag because we're out of trays." All the trays were sitting in a big pile at the garbage, waiting to be washed. No one went to get them the whole time we were there. They just kept using bags for the people who were eating in.

We humans create a lot of garbage. Maybe we should do something about that.

After dinner we went to the movies to see Yes Man. I love Jim Carrey. Omg he makes me lol.

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bequi said...

I haven't seen that yet and I'm so excited to!
You know what else is funny? He's Just Not That Into You!! HAHAHAHA!!!