Thursday, February 12, 2009

I still love my son, son.

Again, this little cutie:

We watch Friends together a few times a week. I love that he loves Friends. Now that we have cable for the first time in many, many years, we can watch reruns of it. I loved it the first time around, and now I can love it all over again with my Max!

Tonight he wanted a snack, but I said no because we had already eaten plenty of junk and I knew he wasn't truly hungry. But! Then he said, "I'm feeling peckish".

He's feeling peckish! How can I say no to him when he uses such a great word?? He's so funny and cute. I love him.


Jillian said...

Kudos Max!

I would almost bet my life that none of the high school kids I teach could use the word peckish in a sentence correctly.

Crystalbell said...

Max is so brilliant!

Shauna said...


I've been watching all the Friends reruns from the beginning. I'm in season 6 right now.