Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm a speed demon

I got a photo radar ticket in the mail today. It's my first speeding ticket in almost 6 years, so that's not so bad.

Last Tuesday Max had a Robotics competition out of town, and that meant he couldn't pick up Corina from the bus, which meant I had to race over to her school after work, then hurry home with her and get her a snack and such, and then quickly get her to choir, and then race from there to Cardston for Max's competition. So yes, I was in a race car and I was speeding. IN A SCHOOL ZONE!

Here's the photo radar picture. I like that they caught me at the exact moment I was running over that pedestrian.
I was doing 41 kms in a 30 km zone, which isn't really that bad - especially since I was in Max's school zone and his school had already been out for well over an hour. There were no kids around anywhere.

I don't mind paying the $80, because I know I really was speeding. The part that annoys me is that when I went to pay the fine online with my credit card, they wanted to charge me an extra $9 for the service. They're charging me extra to do all the work for them online?

Fine, idiots. I'll pay by credit card through the mail and keep my $9. I win! (I think?)

And no, I didn't really run over anyone. My picture is in the mail. I don't get to keep it.

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