Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost Thoughts

That 3 year time gap between the Sawyer & Friends action and the Oceanic 6 action has been bothering me. They were showing us 3 years later with the O6, but right after the explosion with the Sawyer Gang. I wanted to know everything that has happened with the Sawyer Gang!

But I think now we know.

When Locke turned the wheel, the rapid time shifting stopped or slowed. They have spent the last 3 years as Dharma folks. We already knew Daniel had been Dharma, and now we see Jin as Dharma.

And Charlotte? Well, she knew how to speak Korean, but that was really a mystery. Why could she speak Korean?

I know! Because Jin, as Dharma in the 70s, is teaching young Charlotte so she can translate for him in the future! That would be cooooooooooool. I wonder if we'll get to see creepy old man Daniel warn Charlotte to leave and never return. Dun Dunn DUNNN!!!!!!!!

When I grow up, I'm going to manipulate time. I want my future to dictate your past.

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Lesley said...

This show kills me...not only because it hurts my head thinking about it but because it's just so AWESOME!

And yes, how does she know Korean. And what happened to them for the three years. And why is this show JUST SO DAMN AWESOME????