Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Kids on Regis and Kelly

I love Donnie with that longer hair sticking out the back of his hat. He's so cute.

Here is another cute singer doing the same song.

The interview on Regis and Kelly was pretty good, but short. Lol omg etc @ Jon the construction worker.


Kristy Mouti said...

A few things. I love how much you love these guys. It's awesome. Second, you should put Corina on youtube. Then she'll get really famous for her cute singing and then maybe Ellen will take notice and invite you all to come to her show, like the youtube girls that sing in the bathroom, and then give you tickets to the Grammies or some really cool thing like that. I could totally see it happening.

Sara said...

I'm not familiar with the bathroom girls, but Corina should be famous so everyone in the world can have the pleasure of seeing her cuteness.