Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank You Oats

My dad taught me this song when I was little, and I've never forgotten it. I did, though, forget to teach it to my kids until tonight. I sang it over and over, but they just couldn't get the words figured out. They were making me just about pee my pants though, so I had to tape them.

I didn't want to tell them, because the joy of not knowing could last forever! They begged and begged, and finally I said it clearly and now they know. The first thing Corina said after I told her about mares eating oats?

"I wish you never told me!"

Please ignore both my horrible singing and terrible laugh. They're not the point of the video, you know.

Oh, and I love how sweet Corina looks at the very beginning when I sing her name. Look at her! Don't you just love her?


brent said...

Okay, that was adorable. The laughing, the guessing, the singing.

Who cares, though, what's eating what? :-)

Brent eats mares and does and lambs and kids, so there.

"Thank you oats!"

Sara said...

You're very generous to say that all of it was adorable.

The three M's... said...

Haha! Love it -- funny enough I had the same song session with Makenna the other night and she thought the song was hilarious too! Love you guys!

Rebecca said...

Yay. My mom used to sing this to/with my twin sister and me.