Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Corina's Two Awards.

My Corina has had a very big week! She has been preparing for quite a while now for her very first Kiwanis Festival performance. This morning she was in the Musical Theatre class. She performed Ice Cream from Anne of Green Gables. In musical theatre the kids sing, but they also act, dress up, have props, etc. It's pretty darn cool for a kid whose big dream is to be in musicals when she grows up.

Here is my little cutie in her Anne costume.

This is her performance at Kiwanis this morning. In the video the piano is quite loud, but thankfully in person it didn't drown her out. She did such a great job!

After Kiwanis we went out for a celebration lunch of popcorn chicken, and then she went back to school, where she performed in the music room for her class. She even did an encore!

At Kiwanis, the kids all receive marks and comments from the adjudicator. Corina came in first place! They said she has a "wonderful voice, secure pitch, musical phrasing, an open, bubbly energy, and very good punctuated moments." Fancy!
Corina's other excitement was winning a special citizenship award at school yesterday. She was called up in front of the whole school while her teacher read this about her:
Corina is a dedicated and hard working student who loves to learn. She knows the importance of always doing her best and takes pride in her accomplishments. She is always striving to learn new things or to improve on something she can do better. Corina is a sweet and positive member of the class. She can often be heard praising her classmates on their work. Corina is always polite and a good friend to everyone. She has many talents, including story writing, and a beautiful singing voice that anyone would be lucky to hear. Corina is very sensitive and caring to other people. For her birthday, she has asked her friends to bring donations to the food back instead of buying her presents. This is reflective of Corina's kind and generous spirit. Corina, you are truly a wonderful citizen of Galbraith. Congratulations!

I kinda love my kids. :)


Michelle at peek-a-boob said...

She wants kids to make donations instead of bringing her gifts.... I've got goosebumps.

Jasmine said...

So cute! Congratulations Corinna! My kids have been doing donations for their birthdays for the last 3 or 4 years too! Such a great thing, isn't it?

Shannon said...

Corina is glowing in the last photo, she looks so grown up and beautiful!
Good work, Corina!

Amy said...

Wow, Corina, great job and congrats!

The Mostess said...

She's a fabulous Anne!

If she keeps it up, she may land Gilbert Blythe afterall!

bequi said...

You are a great mommy for raising such fantastic kids!

Shannon said...

I commented before but that was before I got to watch the video. Corina did fantastic! And, she is really brave to put on all those performances. Good for her!