Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birthday Present for Corina

Max and I bought Corina a High School Musical big girl bike last month and hid it in the basement. She knew her present was in the basement and she wasn't allowed down there, and we fed her lots of fake hints to throw her off. I "slipped" that she was going to love cuddling with it, for example. I'm so tricky.

The night before her birthday we brought her down to the basement and had her cover her ears and close her eyes while I brought out the cuddly present.

Yay! A bike! (Although I think I look a little more excited than she does. Or maybe I'm about to take a huge bite out of her.)
When I went upstairs to get the door, Corina pretended the bike was killing her and Max took pictures. They're quite a team.
This bike is way bigger than her old one, which was actually Max's old bike from when he turned 4. She did a great job riding it.
We had to give her the bike early because first thing in the morning on her birthday we left for the New Kids concert. I'll blog about that later. Or now. I haven't decided.


Michelle said...

I was going to comment about your big wide open excited mouth but you already did so I'll comment on what looks like a very cute sweater instead. You should post more of it so we can all see.

Sara said...

It's just an argyle sweater vest. It's part of my teacher costume.