Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Collage of the Arts

Max's middle school put on a big play this week. They performed downtown at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Max isn't in drama, but his stage band opened for them each night.

He's in the back row beside the tall kid with the very white face. You can't really see him well, but he's there. His best friend Brenden is beside him, but he is completely behind the piano. Not the best set-up.

Most of those kids are in grade 8 and have been playing for a few years, but Max and Brenden are only in grade 6 and just started learning in September. We're very proud of them!

After the performance, we pretended Max was famous and we were insane fans. When he came out we chased him all over the place, taking his picture. That's because we're awesome.

We're his biggest fans!

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Rebecca said...

Cute! And you and Max look so much alike in that last photo!