Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Corina's Birthday Party

Corina had her birthday party on the weekend. She's turning 8 on Friday, which is insane because she was just in my uterus yesterday. Time flies.

My sweet girl chose to have a Food Bank birthday party. Her invitations had a list of all her favourite foods (olives, pickles, cereal, tuna, salmon, chicken noodle soup) and her friends brought those foods for her to donate to the food bank.

It was hilarious to see how excited everyone was while she opened groceries.

Here she is dropping the food off the next morning at the food bank. We really didn't keep it. I swear.
She's getting a High School Musical bike from Max and me for her birthday. It has been hiding in our basement for a few weeks now, and somehow we've managed to keep it a secret. I'm a pretty bad secret keeper, so I'm proud of that. I know she's going to LOVE it.


Daisy said...

You have a beautiful family. Images are speaking by itself that corina enjoyed the party with her friends. i eally like that thought of asking people to bring things for donating to the food bank. kids are also learning in the process to help. I wonder whose idea was it to do such a sweet thing!

Sara said...

Corina's idea, of course. I'm not even close to being that generous.