Monday, April 13, 2009

Saskatoon New Kids on the Block Concert

Saturday was the NKOTB concert in Saskatoon, which is probably our last concert. They aren't coming anywhere near us for the summer tour, and I'm not about to drive 12 hours for a show. I know - I'm a bad fan.

Here we are just before the show started. We had great seats again. Yay! Corina looks incredibly sad, but I promise she was glad to be there.
The very scary Jabbawockeez opened the show. They are what nightmares are made of.
We were right up front for the B Stage for the first time. Security wasn't stopping people from running over there, so we did it. It was incredibly difficult because I had to hold Corina in my arms so she wouldn't get squished by the mob. She may not be huge, but she is 8 years old and heavy for a weakling like me. I had her on my hip, she wrapped her legs around me, and I tried to take a few pictures while getting pretty much molested by the crush of girls around us. Max says I squished him into someone else and it still hurts, but was worth it. It was so exciting! And look at this great picture of Donnie we got.
He was blowing kisses to Corina at the B Stage, so she says it was worth it too.
I love his smile in this one.
Max got a new Jabbawockeez shirt and Corina got a New Kids shirt. I got the track jacket, which I've been wanting forever but missed out on getting last time around.

As for that question some of you will be asking, the answer would be one of these, depending how you worded the question.
- Meh
- Not quite like November
- Not as much as expected
- I still love Donnie. I'm even wearing the shirt today.

Here is my video of the Click pose-off. They did it 3 times and it included fire. Also, Donnie speaks in a Canadian accent.

This is the very beginning of the show when they first come out and sing Call it What You Want, and the transition to MFG. It's kind of shaky. I was slightly excited.


Steve said...

Wow, you look great in the pic though! Even though it wasn't as big of a high as the last time, maybe that just means you are getting past the honeymoon stage of your 'relationship', haha.

Sara said...

And you're probably right. Now I realize he's just a silly boy. I still love the silly boy though.