Sunday, May 31, 2009

Women's Show and Chantal Kreviazuk

Corina and I had a special girl's day yesterday. We sent Max off to have a boy's day with his best friend, and we went to the Women's Show. They had all kinds of girly displays there, like makeup, hair things, purses, bras, and vaginas. It was great fun.

At one of the hair places, the girl did Corina's hair all fancy for her. See?

At least once every 2 minutes from then on, someone stopped her to tell her how pretty she was. After about an hour of that, she told me it's really annoying being beautiful because no one will leave her alone. I know, Corina. I KNOW.

That food she's eating is from a cooking show they had there. I wish we had been there longer, because every time the guy cooked something he gave it out to the crowd. I love free food best of all!

When the Women's Show was over for the day, they had a Chantal Kreviazuk concert. We had 4th row tickets.
Hi Chantal. You look like me.

This is one of Corina's favourite songs. She did this one while we were still in our 4th row seats. We ended up in front row almost in the centre because there were a couple of empty seats. I gave those people some time to show up, but they didn't. It's a shame to leave front row seats empty. A damn shame.

At the end of the show, Corina skipped up to Chantal with a big smile on her face, waving. Chantal crouched down and said hi to her and called her Sweetie. Corina could not have been happier.
Today she wrote a fan letter to her. She wouldn't tell me what she was working on, other than to ask for my cd so she could spell "something". This is what the letter says.
To: Chantal Kreviazuk. You're pretty and I love your music, but my favourite song is I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane. It has a pretty sound. If you ever have a concert, buy front row seats and centre and get two for me and my mom and VIP passes, if it is far away give us something to get there with. You don't know where I live. I live at (.......). Send it to that address and please do it, and put my name on it so I get to open it. This is how you spell my name. C-O-R-I-N-A.
ps. I am the little girl that at the women's show I came and waved to you and you said "Bye Sweetie".
OMG. She was so proud to show me that letter when it was done. I had to try not to laugh. She's got a sense of entitlement, eh? I blame Donnie. She thinks every celebrity is like him now.

Trickster Week

Trickster is some weird organization that goes around to schools doing a week of drama with the kids. They were at Corina's school this week. Every class had a prop. Corina's class had bins. The kids were responsible for coming up with a skit using their props, and then on Friday night each class presented their skits for family and friends.

In one part of Corina's skit, she played the bottom of a fallen tree and got cut in half. She was so excited about this. She talked about it all week long.

She was a squirrel ranger or something like that. I really need to ask her about it. It was kind of confusing. Anyway, the main thing they were talking about was the environment.
I don't know what was happening here, but Corina looks happy about it.
This is the part of the skit where Corina is the bottom of the tree. She falls when she's trying to get up. Max and I are playing the part of the great audience members who laugh WAY too loud at Corina's part. We love her! Shut up.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet My New Phone

I'm a little excited about this...
It's a 1950s payphone, homeboy! I'm just waiting for it to be delivered. I will have the best phone ever!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a Limey!

I'm a little bit obsessed. It all started innocently enough with making my own soaps, so I could avoid nasty chemicals. I needed a yummy smelling essential oil, and the first one I picked was lime. I made some shower soap with it. I pretty much fell in love.

Then last summer when I was at the farmer's market in Salt Lake City, I found Bubble and Bee. They make great, chemical-free products. My favourite by far is the lotion stick. It is lime and coconut, but basically just smells like limes. I bought a bunch of them so they could last until my next visit, but I use them all day long until I smell green. I'm almost out. What will I do??
So often I have wanted to take a bite of my lotion stick, so I thought maybe instead I should find something more appropriate to put in my mouth that would taste like limes. Yay Crystal Light!

I discovered this recently. As if it's not limey enough, I also stick a lime wedge into the neck.

Shoving lime wedges into bottle necks helped me realize what it is I truly want to do, and it is this:
I now suck limes. Like - all the time. I crave them like they're my crack. I crave them in a way that simply can't be normal. And then it makes me giggle because my family is from England and I get to live a racial slur against myself.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ack Attack. I laughed until I cried.

You can read it all here:

Ben: This is impressive, John. How did you know hhhhwhen to be here?
Locke: Why did you say it like that?
Ben: hhhhhWhat ever do you mean?
Locke: You mean WHAT ever do you mean?
Ben: Right, hhhhwhat ever do you mean?

Locke: You’re saying it weird, you’re putting too much emphasis on the h.
Ben: hhhhWhatever, man.
Locke: Say “what.”
Ben: What.
Locke: Now say “What ever do you mean.”
Ben: hhhhhhWhat ever do you mean?
Locke: …

Locke: You know, me and The Island are like total BFFs now.
Ben: No way!
Locke: Way! Right before you murdered me I bought us some of those Best Friends Forever necklaces. I wear “Best” and The Island wears “Friends.” Jealous?

Kiwanis Festival Provincials

Last night we got back from Edmonton, where Corina's choir was competing in the provincials. It was a super busy, slightly crazy weekend. The kids nearly overflowed the toilet tank on the bus, we went to a science centre, Chuck E Cheese, Swiss Chalet, a picnic, swimming (but not my group because I'm mean), probably other stuff that I forget, and we also were on the road for about 15 hours.

We had about 7 hours of this on Friday to get to Edmonton:
We spent a few hours at the Science Centre in Edmonton, where we learned about boogers, poop, pee, farts, and other very scientific things.
Corina actually rode this.

Want proof? Here's proof:

These are the girls I had in my room. One of them vomited the whole way up on the bus, and then stayed awake coughing until 4:00 am. I still like her though. Here we are after 2 whole hours of sleep on Saturday night.
Our choir. I like to describe them as scrappy.
Here are their two performances.

One more performance and then we're done for the year, thank God.