Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ack Attack. I laughed until I cried.

You can read it all here:

Ben: This is impressive, John. How did you know hhhhwhen to be here?
Locke: Why did you say it like that?
Ben: hhhhhWhat ever do you mean?
Locke: You mean WHAT ever do you mean?
Ben: Right, hhhhwhat ever do you mean?

Locke: You’re saying it weird, you’re putting too much emphasis on the h.
Ben: hhhhWhatever, man.
Locke: Say “what.”
Ben: What.
Locke: Now say “What ever do you mean.”
Ben: hhhhhhWhat ever do you mean?
Locke: …

Locke: You know, me and The Island are like total BFFs now.
Ben: No way!
Locke: Way! Right before you murdered me I bought us some of those Best Friends Forever necklaces. I wear “Best” and The Island wears “Friends.” Jealous?


Amy said...

Hey, did you notice on last night's episode that young Kate was trying to steal a New Kids lunch box?

Sara said...

That was the lunchbox they buried a few years ago on the show. I think Lost inspired the New Kids reunion. ;)

Amy said...

You're good, I don't remember a lunchbox burying episode.

bequi said...

I don't remember it getting buried, either. But holy finale!!

Or do I? I think I remember telling you about it on your blog after I got caught up...