Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a Limey!

I'm a little bit obsessed. It all started innocently enough with making my own soaps, so I could avoid nasty chemicals. I needed a yummy smelling essential oil, and the first one I picked was lime. I made some shower soap with it. I pretty much fell in love.

Then last summer when I was at the farmer's market in Salt Lake City, I found Bubble and Bee. They make great, chemical-free products. My favourite by far is the lotion stick. It is lime and coconut, but basically just smells like limes. I bought a bunch of them so they could last until my next visit, but I use them all day long until I smell green. I'm almost out. What will I do??
So often I have wanted to take a bite of my lotion stick, so I thought maybe instead I should find something more appropriate to put in my mouth that would taste like limes. Yay Crystal Light!

I discovered this recently. As if it's not limey enough, I also stick a lime wedge into the neck.

Shoving lime wedges into bottle necks helped me realize what it is I truly want to do, and it is this:
I now suck limes. Like - all the time. I crave them like they're my crack. I crave them in a way that simply can't be normal. And then it makes me giggle because my family is from England and I get to live a racial slur against myself.


Crystalbell said...

Limes are indeed delicious. Just be careful though, all that sucking on limes is going to cause all of the enamel on your teeth to disintegrate. Best lotion scent is definitely lime and coconut together, although I've never heard of that lotion brand.

bequi said...

Try drinking limeade instead. They have it by the lemonade. Do they make it in Canada?

Dainon. said...

I use wasabi lime lotion.

Shannon said...

Aspartame or nutri-sweet or whatever it is they use in that Crystal light is going to kill your skinny ass. Fact: Limes are going to kill you.