Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trickster Week

Trickster is some weird organization that goes around to schools doing a week of drama with the kids. They were at Corina's school this week. Every class had a prop. Corina's class had bins. The kids were responsible for coming up with a skit using their props, and then on Friday night each class presented their skits for family and friends.

In one part of Corina's skit, she played the bottom of a fallen tree and got cut in half. She was so excited about this. She talked about it all week long.

She was a squirrel ranger or something like that. I really need to ask her about it. It was kind of confusing. Anyway, the main thing they were talking about was the environment.
I don't know what was happening here, but Corina looks happy about it.
This is the part of the skit where Corina is the bottom of the tree. She falls when she's trying to get up. Max and I are playing the part of the great audience members who laugh WAY too loud at Corina's part. We love her! Shut up.

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