Sunday, June 28, 2009

School, singing, teeth, tattoos.

It's summer! YAY! Now the kids and I get to stare at each other for two months straight, and we couldn't be happier about it.

Both the kids did really well this year in school again. Corina and a buddy had enrichment together so their giant brains wouldn't stagnate in their grade two class. I'm so glad she had a good teacher who was willing to do extra work for her.

Max had the big transition to middle school and it couldn't have gone better. He became a superstar on the trumpet in stage band, and continued with his scary big-brained ways. He got perfect on his science Provincial Achievement Test (that's possible?), and he joined the math club and entered the Pythagoras Mathematics Contest. In an assembly he was presented with this certificate of distinction for that test, which was apparently super hard and I'm sure I would fail.
He didn't even care. He was all, "Do I have to keep this award?"

And I was all, "YES! IT PROVES I'M A GOOD MOMMY! I mean...keep it if you want, buddy. I don't know..."

This is my pretty-haired Corina heading off for her last recital of the season. She sang Ferryman. I just love her hair all curled like that. She was too busy watching tv to even look at the camera.

Max finally lost his last two baby teeth, one right after the other. He decided he was done with them and yoinked them both out.

Today we went to the Tattoo Show at the Exhibition Grounds. I was very tempted to get a whole bunch of tattoos, like maybe a single tear on my cheek and a huge flower on my thigh, but I resisted. The kids aren't as strong though.
Donnie will be proud to see what Max got:

A seahorse will be proud to see what Corina got:

Here's the video of Corina's recital. I love her sweet voice.


bequi said...

Yeah for the cutest and smartest kids EVER!

Jason Randall said...

I promote real tattoos on children.

brent said...

You ARE a GREAT mommy, Sara!

Nicely done, Max and Corina! Now, remember to be just as good and as sweet and just as hard working from the ages of 13 to 18, please, so your mom can be even more proud of you.


Sara said...

Awww...that's nice, Brent.