Thursday, July 30, 2009

My kids grew up once we hit the splashpark.

Today Corina was in a bathing suit and I was a bit of a distance away from her. Those two things have not happened simultaneously in quite a while, and I guess I saw her objectively for a few seconds. I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, to see how long and skinny and toothpicky she is. It looks like it would hurt to hug her.

And this...this...when the hell did this happen?
Max now sits in a chair at the splashpark and watches little kids play?
MAX!!! What is happening to you?? TURN INTO MY BABY RIGHT NOW!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

See you in another life, brutha.

That's what Desmond said to his cagemate as we took him away. It was all very sad.

But today they were reunited. Say hi to Charlie! Desmond's on the left with the mohawk and Charlie is on the right with all the chub.

They get along so well. Charlie sings to Desmond (super loud purring) and Desmond is constantly saving Charlie's life. I don't know how many times today he has said, "You're gonna DIIIIIIEEEE Chahlieeeee!"
Charlie's kind of a spaz and he bit my thumb, but we still like him.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I have a creature in my house.

I'm really not a pet person. Most people who know me are aware of that. I often wonder if I'm a horrible mom because all my kids really want in the world is a dog and a baby, and I won't give them either one. They ache for something little to love and cuddle and take care of, so today I gave in.


Desmond! (Yes, Hume. I got to name him.)

He is a 10 week old guinea pig and he has a natural mohawk which makes him likable already. So far he's very scared and doesn't want to come out of his tunnel, but I'm sure we'll have more fun with him once he's comfortable. We even got him a leash so we could play in the backyard with him. Now that sounds like a party.

This is the new favourite activity in our house:
Staring. Fun!!! I hope it's everything they ever dreamed of.

Desmond better like New Kids on the Block, because tonight he'll be watching the live stream of their Full Service Tour with us. Woot! You can do it too. Just click here.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Full Service Tour In Your House!

In da house?

New Kids on the Block's Full Service Tour didn't come anywhere near me this summer, which I am okay with. Really. I am. I never once cried about it. To make up for leaving Western Canada completely out of the tour, they are going to stream their Dallas show live online on July 17! Woot!

The show will be on, and you can order the show starting Monday, July 13. I know all my friends will want to watch it. You'll get to see my boyfriend!

This is bringing back all the memories of their Pay Per View when I was a teenager. Maybe Donnie will ride in on a motorcycle, Danny will say "Live...via satellite!", and they'll all take off their shirts - just to continue bringing back the memories.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Joe and his son Griffin

Joe has a book drive he does at each show, which is what he would like to tell you about here. Get ready for the most adorable thing ever.

The Griffster says "Sure" we can get to 25,000 books! from LET'S GET THIS FOUNDATION on Vimeo.

My ovaries just exploded. That was so sweet, and I love watching Joe as a dad.