Friday, July 17, 2009

I have a creature in my house.

I'm really not a pet person. Most people who know me are aware of that. I often wonder if I'm a horrible mom because all my kids really want in the world is a dog and a baby, and I won't give them either one. They ache for something little to love and cuddle and take care of, so today I gave in.


Desmond! (Yes, Hume. I got to name him.)

He is a 10 week old guinea pig and he has a natural mohawk which makes him likable already. So far he's very scared and doesn't want to come out of his tunnel, but I'm sure we'll have more fun with him once he's comfortable. We even got him a leash so we could play in the backyard with him. Now that sounds like a party.

This is the new favourite activity in our house:
Staring. Fun!!! I hope it's everything they ever dreamed of.

Desmond better like New Kids on the Block, because tonight he'll be watching the live stream of their Full Service Tour with us. Woot! You can do it too. Just click here.


bequi said...

Since your guinea pig's name is Desmond, I'm assuming it's a boy? You need to know this stuff about males. (Guinea pig porn) (proper care of your guinea pig's penis)

Hope this helps!

Sara said...


Anonymous said...

Hi mommy it is Corina. I love you.
Your blog is so funny

Anonymous said...

Hi mommy I love you
It is corina

Sara said...

Hi Corina! I love you too, and you are funny as well.

Anonymous said...

I love you mommy. And I always will.
Cause you're my mommy and that's what
I love about you :)<3