Monday, July 06, 2009

Joe and his son Griffin

Joe has a book drive he does at each show, which is what he would like to tell you about here. Get ready for the most adorable thing ever.

The Griffster says "Sure" we can get to 25,000 books! from LET'S GET THIS FOUNDATION on Vimeo.

My ovaries just exploded. That was so sweet, and I love watching Joe as a dad.


bequi said...

1:00 "Yeah... Exactly" So cute!

I love his hair!

The Mostess said...

OMG...Donnie who? Kidding.

K--seeing our husband on Thursday. Did I tell you I got hooked up with the friends and family VIP seats??? My friend's cousin was on Broadway with Joe, and Joe hooked us up. We *may* get backstage passes, we won't know until that night.

PS--D said he loves blondes. I think he is lying. But he *did* hook up with Aubrey (gag) O'Day. I will let you know how it goes!! I can't believe you are done with the shows. You're crazy lady!!

Sara said...

You didn't tell me! I hope the seats are really good. I want to hear all about it!