Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grey Cup in Calgary, death, destruction.

We just got back from the Grey Cup festivities in Calgary, where we saw my sister Dana and also almost died in a car accident 2874 different times. If you know me you already know the story, and if you don't already know, that was basically it anyway. The roads suddenly turned into ice when we tried to drive home, and everyone was smashing into each other. It was c-c-c-crazy and absolutely terrifying. We survived though. Woo!

I was smart enough to charge my camera battery before leaving so we could get lots of pictures, but stupid enough to leave my battery in the charger, bringing an empty camera. I have no pictures of my sister or her kids, who I hadn't seen in two years. Yep.

At the Grey Cup festivities, there were insane amounts of free stuff handed out. My favourite was the bacon though. A huge tub of bacon. The lady handed me a can of Pepsi Max and said, "No calories, so it's okay to have bacon!"

I was confused, but went to the bacon lady and took some. I asked her what the bacon was for. She said it's Pepsi Max's slogan. You can eat bacon because the Pepsi has no calories.


Me: "Clearly Pepsi isn't marketing this product to the Jews."

Lady: .....

Awkward silence. Sara eats bacon. Aaaaaaaaaaaand scene.
(Not end scene.)